Salt API Security


Every modern application’s core APIs are safeguarded by salt throughout the entire API lifecycle.


While your REST, GraphQL, and other APIs are still being developed, we scan and test them.


Over time, we store hundreds of attributes about tens of thousands of APIs and users.


We establish a baseline for your environment before identifying anomalies using AI and machine learning.

api security

To avoid API attacks, context is required

Having context is necessary to identify low- and slow attack activity that targets an API’s particular vulnerabilities. Deep analysis of enormous amounts of API traffic is necessary to create that context. In order for the system to quickly identify anomalies and track activity over time to create a fingerprint for each bad actor, this type of advanced protection must have an extensive baseline of typical behavior for every API and user.

All of your APIs should have context-based security

To safeguard your APIs during the build, deploy, and runtime phases, only Salt provides the necessary context. To show you all of your APIs, stop attackers in the early stages of an attempted attack, and share insights to improve API security posture, we combine complete coverage with an ML/ AI-driven big data engine.

api security
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